2011 East Bay Hills Benefit Ride

Ride or Hike in the East Bay Hills, Wednesday through Monday.
Ride: up to 100 miles in 6 days, in small groups at your own pace the week before Labor Day. Join us for one, for more or for all 6 days. Follow and/or parallel the Bay Area Ridge Trail much of the time, on both fire roads and single track trails, over both flat and hilly terrain traversing East Bay Hills open space, with views of the Bay Area, across the valley and beyond into the central Sierras.

Trails and Camps: Camp 2 nights each in Tilden Regional Park, Joaquin Miller Park, and Anthony Chabot Regional Park. We will be sharing these campsites, and meals, with the the fourth annual 5-day Bay Area Ridge Trail Through-Hike from Martinez to Castro Valley.

Food and Evening Entertainment: Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for riders and hikers, and hay, carrots and water for the horses. Evening programs will include a visit to the Chabot Space Center, a naturalist presentation, a drill team performance, and other surprises.

Costs/Benefits: The $65/day fee, with a discount for 6 days at $350., covers your camping, food and horse provisions, trail maps, and all evening programs. There will be a raffle and silent auction, and optional fund-raising to help raise funds for the Ridge Trail and other East Bay trail projects

Camp Rules: Riders will be responsible for stabling their horses at each camp. You may tie to your trailer or bring your own portable corral or picket line. Stallions will not be allowed on this ride and we will enforce restrictions on generators after dark. No dogs will be allowed at this year’s ride. SEI-certified helmets are required for the safety of all riders.

Questions: Contact Judy Etheridge, at misxfire@yahoo.com or at 925-862-0232, or Morris Older at ebhillsride@comcast.net or at 925-254-8943, for more information or to volunteer. Sign up for the hike at www.ridgetrail.org

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