2013 Spring Trail Work Day

Trail Maintenance Work Party in Tilden

Please join us on Sunday April 20 for our spring Trail Work Day in Tilden. We will meet just outside the Tilden Corporation Yard (near the Steam Trains).

The birds will be singing, the tax returns will be filed, the coffee will be hot, the poison oak and allergens dormant, and your friends will be glad you're there to work up a mild sweat together for a couple hours. Not a bad way to get virtuous.

As you'll recall from Ute Frey's most helpful survey presentation at our annual TWHA dinner in January, trail maintenance and advocacy are a huge reason many of us are members. Turnout for the fall trail workday was on the scanty side, so I'm guessing that, club-wide, there's a fair amount of pent-up do-gooder-ism in need of expression.

Perfect! If you can make it, plan to convene at 9:30 a.m. I'll report back about particulars shortly.

And thank you all for making our most precious and enviable public horse park a reality.